I’d offer you a beer, but…

I’ve just been lazily watching the likely lads in between Sunday dinner and wall to wall live football (a hard life I know).

It includes one of my favourite TV quotes, when a forlorn Bob goes to visit Terry on Tynemouth Pier:

“I’d offer you a beer, but I’ve only got six cans.”

That got me thinking how much has changed since then and not just in the Tyneside landscape.

Thanks mainly to social media it’s all about sharing now, so to help honour that here are some of my favourite blogs/websites:

That should do it for now, but in the spirit of sharing here are  few more top quotes from Bob and Terry (look it up kids):

“In the chocolate box of life the top layer’s already gone. And someone’s pinched the orange creme from the bottom.”

Bob: When it comes to women you’re hardly Omar Sharif.
Terry: If Omar Sharif lived in Gateshead I doubt he’d be Omar Sharif.

“Working class sentiment is the indulgence of working peopled created through football and rock-and-roll or people like you who moved out to the elm lodge housing estate at the earliest opportunity.”

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