I’d offer you a beer, but…

I’ve just been lazily watching the likely lads in between Sunday dinner and wall to wall live football (a hard life I know).

It includes one of my favourite TV quotes, when a forlorn Bob goes to visit Terry on Tynemouth Pier:

“I’d offer you a beer, but I’ve only got six cans.”

That got me thinking how much has changed since then and not just in the Tyneside landscape.

Thanks mainly to social media it’s all about sharing now, so to help honour that here are some of my favourite blogs/websites: Continue reading

Using social media in the public sector

This is a post I wrote that first appeared on the excellent comms2point0 blog . I wanted to repost it here just to get me started:

Northumberland is the most northern of English counties. It’s quietly created some of the most pioneering and widely adopted social media accounts in the country.

Ross Wigham, head of communications at Northumberland County Council tells how… Continue reading

What’s in a name?

It’s been a while since I ran my own blog. About six years in fact, so I thought it was about time I started a new one. Although I’ve posted on other blogs fairly regularly I haven’t had my own since I took a year out to go travelling in 2006 and used a blogger account to keep up to date with friends and family.

A lot has changed since then but I think the time felt right to go back to blogs after lots of personal and professional work with social media.

Turns out the hardest thing about starting a wordpress blog is thinking of a snappy name – it must be a bit like starting a new town centre hairdressers when all the best puns like Hair Flicks, Headlines and curl up and die (all genuine NE outlets) have already been used.

So, with a total lack of originality I’ve gone with a Mad Men quote. Partly, because I sit in my own ‘period piece’, Don Draper-style office that hasn’t been redecorated since the late 1960s and partly because it’s just a damn fine show.

The line comes from copywriter Fred Rumson as he breakfasts on a vodka and orange before another day at the era-defining Sterling Cooper:


Vodka is poured into a high ball glass full of orange juice.

Fred sticks his letter opener in his glass of “orange juice”like a swizzle stick.

Salvatore: Should we wait for you to have your breakfast?

Fred: A day without orange juice is a helluva long day. Freddy leans down and takes a sip from the full glass, his arms extended at his sides. Fred: Look Ma, no hands.

So that seemed as good a name as any and adaywithoutoj.com was born.