Our people, our places

Before the start of this summer season we struck a deal with our biggest tourist attractions to do something to help promote Northumberland as a destination and give something back to local people.

We wanted to create a weekend of free or discounted events that would let our residents access some of the best attractions on their doorsteps and celebrate the fantastic county they live in.

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Book review: Brand Anarchy by Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington

“There is a simple reason why you should not waste your time wondering whether you have lost control of your brand’s reputation. You have never had control of your brand’s reputation.”

This is the shocking and probably (for some) frightening premise of the whole book and the powerful opening line is an indication of what’s to come for the next 240 pages.

In essence the book is a potent look at industrial-scale change in the media and how we can understand and cope with it as a profession. Continue reading

Two wheel city

This weekend I took a bike ride. Nothing unusual there, but instead of heading down the coast or into the countryside I decided to take one of the national cycle routes that goes through the middle of Newcastle.

The route takes you through Tyneside right into the city centre, then back round in a loop of about 30 miles via a tunnel under the Tyne? Having thought I knew the city pretty well taking this roman inspired route (Hadrian’s cycleway) provided a totally different perspective.

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