Pinterest is probably one of the most talked about websites around, gathering huge numbers in the past few months.

It has quickly become a behemoth of the web.

In Northumberland we’ve been experimenting with it for a little while now and have seen some promising early results.

Essentially it’s a virtual pinboard that lets you ‘pin’ and share pictures or information with other users across the world.

Even as a static searchable picture gallery it stands up pretty well, but as we found out in the recent Olympic torch relay – it’s when you use social that it can really catch on. We got around 600 pictures pinned and attracted more than 1,700 followers in the 3 days that the torch was on our patch (hence the picture of me with the torch).

To read more about how we use pinterest click here for a blog I did for comms2point0 who were kind enough to ask for my thoughts on it.


5 thoughts on “Pinteresting…

  1. Really liked your blog post on comms2point0. Although I am a fan of Pinterest, it never occurred to me how it could appeal to more “serious” organisations and I was delighted to see the way this tool was customised to the needs of a council. Pinteresting indeed!


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