The top ten

Since I started this blog in April I’ve tried to write about a range of different subjects, so it’s been really interesting to look at the stats and see what people are actually reading.

With that in mind, here’s the top ten posts so far based on page views.

20120811-085649 PM.jpg

The top ten:

Number 10: a guest blog by @angela_tait that looks at how she uses Social media to promote tourism in northumberland

Number 9: my first ever post including a homage to the likely lads

Number 8: how we’ve used pinterest as a comms tool in – I’m surprised more people aren’t using it in a similar way

Number 7: my take on coping with the demands of speaking in public, with a few hints & tips

Number 6: my take on using social media in the public sector

Number 5: No hiding place. How technology has changed the world so much in a single generation , including another likely lads analogy

Number 4: how the council magazine is evolving online

Number 3: The bronze medal goes to: A bit about the TV show Vera and its importance to our comms work

Number 2: silver medal goes to my write up of the toon floods and how the media covered it (with pictures). I worry that you enjoy my pain too much

Number 1 – the most popular post by miles was an off-topic piece on the perils of having a baby. Seriously be careful out there:

Thanks for reading.

20120811-085649 PM.jpg

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