Ten thoughts on getting social

In advance of my session at the CIPR North conference in Leeds tomorrow, I thought now would be a good time to repost my top ten tips for social media.

This first appeared in corpcomms magazine. Hope it’s useful.

Ross Wigham, service manager for communications at Northumberland County Council, offers up some advice on using social media to promote local, public services.

1. Try to think customer not corporate. This sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it but for too long we were focusing on what the council wanted to tell people, rather than thinking about the conversations that we should be having. Social media for councils and the whole public sector is a real game changer when it comes to engagement and that starting point should be thinking about the stuff residents want to talk to us about. It’s meant to be a conversation, so make sure you’re listening as well as talking. From a population of 300,000 we’ve now got more than 26,000 people signed up to our networks, despite being a predominantly rural area. Continue reading

Shame about your face dad

20121021-115753 AM.jpg
A graphic pictoral reconstruction of our recent goose attack

One of the best things about having young kids is training them to do stuff for you. That much is a given – Pass me the paper, get my car keys, fetch me another beer out the fridge and so on.

But I suppose there are only so many things that need to be fetched or carried so once you’ve got past that what is there?

Endless questions that’s what.

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How a hashtag helped our summer

Summer fun

What summer?

Up here in Northumberland (and like most of the UK this year) our summer was restricted to about two weeks, giving us just enough time to construct an arc or drain away the flood water (see here for photographic evidence).

But in between all that we did want to do something to online to help publicise the best events, attractions and locations for fun days out in the summer holidays.

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