Happy blog day

A year ago today I started writing on the this blog.

Variously egged on and inspired by @comms2point0 @danslee @darrencaveney @wadds and @weeklyblogclub 12 months has gone by in the blink of an eye.

5,400 views and 161 comments later I’ve got know to many new faces through blogging and hopefully shared some useful information too.

Having said that, it seems you’re mostly interested in irreverant parenting chat, rather than my in-depth anaysis of the changing communications landscape.

The two most viewed posts (by miles) were:

Despite these laughs at my expense I hope that I’ve also provided some useful professional discussion that adds to the vibrant debate around PR and social media.

A few of my favourites from the past 12 monts were:

Thanks again for readig, commenting, liking and sharing.

8 thoughts on “Happy blog day

  1. The professional posts about PR and social media are very professional, interesting and useful. Your other posts are wonderfully human – the sense of the reality of your human being-ness comes through very strongly. The bit that people can find so difficult about social media is the being human but professional at the same time. I’m not suprised people responded most to the human.
    Well done for keeping blogging for a year! I know it hasn’t always been easy, and I look forward to reading more (I know you have lots more posts to write yet).


  2. I think Janet’s point nails it – the informality in your other posts is lovely to read. I must admit, it is odd these worlds of personal and professional colliding, but having said that, I’m blogging as part of a project, so I’m perhaps not subject to the same levels of personal scrutiny. Great work!


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