Guest post: Local market lovin’

Here’s a guest post by one of our PR interns Maria (@mpfalangi) who has spent the last year working with our team. I blogged about our interns ages ago (see here) and they’ve proved a real breath of fresh air. Now that they’re about to leave we’re really going to miss them. Here, Maria talks about one of the projects she’d been working on.

Who doesn’t love a good local market? This fortnight is an opportunity for both traders and shoppers to be part of something bigger.


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Costume drama

20130517-062042 PM.jpg

A guest post from Liz Ritson this week looking at one of Northumberland’s latest exhibitions. Be quick though, it ends on 9 June.

A historic colliery site might not be the most obvious place to find stunning movie costumes worn by stars including Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Sir Laurence Olivier and Cate Blanchett, but here at Woodhorn we like to offer something a little different. Continue reading

Travelling in your own back yard (and getting a social buzz for your event)


This time seven years ago I was sitting at an airport with no job, no responsibilities and a round the world flight ticket burning a hole in my pocket.

The only thought on my mind was which fruit would be going into my Daiquiri and how many countries I could fit into my carefully planned flight schedule.

How times have changed and although I wasn’t getting on a flight this week, my thoughts have been closely focused on tourism and how we use social media to inspire our locals to live like a tourist in their own backyard.
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