Make your CIPR vote count

Low turnouts and a general apathy have been the hallmarks of local elections so far this year, so it’s even more important that we make sure we get the right person to lead our professional organisation the CIPR election.

I’m relatively new to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and have to admit that I’ve had an overriding ‘so what’ feeling about the presidential elections during my time as a member.

But something does feel different this time. We now have a candidate who not only understands the fundamental changes currently taking place in communications globally, but has clear answers about how we all can face them.

On Friday I went to a packed Google+ workshop hosted by Stephen Waddington (@wadds) and spent a couple of hours learning new things and getting an International perspective on some of the work I’m doing at a local level.

It was a really enjoyable morning and the question and answer time at the end of the session as just as valuable as the presentation itself.

The mood music in the room was one of a potential president who is able to grasp the shifting PR sands and move away from the same, old self-interest messages that I often hear elsewhere.

It’s important that the next president is a thought leader, is accessible to members and can articulate fast moving and complex changes into language the boardroom will respect.

I think the tough message to the CIPR from my perspective is that most people helping to organise events and spread best practice are volunteers and the value is in the networks created outside London.

The regions are the lifeblood of the organisation and that’s why it’s so important to bring key thinkers and training to members, rather than expecting them to travel to London every time.

I need to declare an interest and say that I’ve already voted for Stephen and played a small part in the #voteforwadds campaign.

The excellent session on Friday, played to a packed room in the most Northerly CIPR outpost, tackled some pressing International issues without the formality of a lecture.

It confirmed to me that my vote has been cast for the right man.

Make sure your vote counts.

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