Teaching new dogs old tricks: my year as an intern

20140325-110048 am.jpg

I’ve spoken many times about just how much our interns have brought to our comms team. Since setting up the scheme a couple of years ago I’ve been lucky enough to work with eight really talented graduates.

Ian Johnson (@IJohnson5555) is one of our current interns and he’s kindly written this guest post:

After finishing my Master’s degree in June, the opportunity to do an internship at Northumberland County Council was presented to me by an attentive lecturer. He told me, based on my interest and enthusiasm for democratic PR and my desire to move into Government communications, it was just the thing for me.

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My eight must-reads for 2014

I know that time is precious (or money, or of the essence, or whatever) but I always think I benefit hugely by setting aside a bit of time to read around the subject.

There’s some great resources out there that will help you do your PR job better, grow in your communications career but also just think a bit differently about how you approach the subject.

So many eureka moments come from reading something helpful that either challenges your ideas completely or – conversely – totally confirms your views of how things should be done. I find that some of the most helpful advice or interesting reading often comes from other sectors or subjects that have nothing really to do with communications.

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