NE Comms conversation #4 “austerity has seen PR come into its own”

Gill Stephenson has probably one of the biggest Government comms jobs in the region.

She has a huge remit as head of communications at the Marine Management Organisation and an impressive background in sports marketing with Sunderland Football Club (booooo) and Newcastle Falcons (yay).

When Gill agreed to take part I knew this would be a good one and I wasn’t disappointed. Here, she offers her views, ideas and tips on all things PR and communications. Continue reading

NE comms conversation #3 “…’S’cuse me Mr Cantona”I

968full-eric-cantonaToday we welcome Southerner in exile and long suffering QPR fan Christian Cerisola to the North East comms conversation.

This exotically named, urbane chap is a director of GluePR. He answered these questions in true ‘Arry Redknap style through an open car window while driving from his workplace at speed.

But unlike Harry he provides some absolute, solid gold pearls of wisdom on PR and communications, including one of my favourite quotes ever – it’s the tweeting bollocks one (see below) as if you had to ask…….

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North East comms conversation: #1 “Garlic bread”


In the first of a self-deluded series of so-called ‘state of the nation’ voxpops I’ve been catching up with PR people from across the North East to find out what makes the region’s comms people tick.

All joking aside our region is widely regarded as one of the best when it comes to media and PR and I hope this brief insight gives us a chance to showcase some of the emerging themes in an exciting area of work.

To get us started with a huge bang I spoke to the hard-tweeting, Jaws loving artist formerly-known as Bryn Littleton. The journalist, turned flack has worked for local authorities, One North East and is now at NECC as well as being the current recipient of the CIPR NE Ken Robinson Award.

To miss-quote cartoon secret agent Archer somebody better call Kenny Logins because we’re about to enter the danger zone……

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North East comms conversation

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a series of brief interviews with some of the key people in North East PR.

I often get emailed or contacted on twitter by students asking questions about PR in the region, so thought it would be useful to ask some of the leading lights in the NE to do the same.

I’m hoping to run some short and engaging blogs that also bring a bit of levity to what can sometimes feel like a bit of an earnest subject.

If you’re interested in getting involved just get in touch using the comments section or on twitter (@rosswigham)