NE Comms conversation #20 “the North East tends to be as passionate about comms as football”


I worked with Jayne Humble during my time at Northumberland and she’s the latest recruit to the NE comms conversation.

She brings a wealth of knowledge around internal comms and it’s a skills that’s increasingly important and in demand. She’s now working as an internal communications consultant with Northern Rail and has kindly answered our usual questions.

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PR Stack: top workflow tips for free

prstack-shareimg-03 (2)

A new, free ebook providing a host of workflow tips from some of the best PR practitioners around has been launched today.

I was lucky enough to be involved in this really exciting project, but don’t worry I can assure you the other contributors all talk far more sense that me. Continue reading

NE Comms conversation #19 “Don’t hate me for saying that I sleep quite well”

Sarah Hughes is the communications co-ordinator – Social and Digital at Teesside University as well as being a multiple CIPR award winner. She was kind enough to give her thoughts about PR in the North East in this guest blog.

An early adopter of a new thing
An early adopter of a new thing

What made you get into the PR/comms business?

I have always loved organising things, events, people, plans anything…..Fast forward a few years and a whistle stop tour of Leeds Met and I was in love with the City, the University, the people and importantly the course. And so it began….. My career has predominantly been in the public sector with time in the NHS, local government and recently higher education – people with a strong passion for something really intrigue me and I think it is fair to say that those working in this sector really do have passion and so helping them has led me to where I am now. Continue reading

NE Comms conversation #18 “start running well before you’re 40”


This week it’s the turn of Julian Christoper, a giant of the North East PR scene in every sense of the word, to join the conversation.

In an opus that takes us from 1992 to the present day Julian casts his cultured and experienced eye over the current state of the North East comms scene. He also gave me the perfect excuse to misquote the Princess Bride….”Life is pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something…….”

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NE Comms conversation #17 “No we don’t repair telephones”


This week it’s the MD of DTW, former chair of the CIPRNE and all round good egg Chris Taylor. Chris is always a first call for anything happening across the region. Here’s his take on what’s happening in our region.

How have things changed in the last 5 years?

FAST. The choices, channels and options we have today are incredible and growing exponentially and the skills we need reflect that. One thing stays the same though – the need to be outcome focused in all we do and always ask WHY?  Continue reading

NE Comms conversation #16 “I’d do my own stunts”


Last year I curated a series of blogs by a bunch of talented comms people from across the North East.

The response was so positive that I’m back again with a host of blogs from some of the most talented PR people from across the region. Last year the results were funny, insightful and interesting but most of all excellent learning material for anyone working in the profession.

First out of the trap this time it’s the dangerously tall Andrew Ward laying down some knowledge – for free. So, here we go with the 2015 volume of the NE Comms conversation. Continue reading