The NE comms conversation: Volume 2

Last year I asked colleagues, friends and contacts I’ve made on Twitter to blog about their thoughts on working in communications in the North East.

The result was 15 brilliant blogs, from 15 equally brilliant people that provided some learning, food for thought and excellent opinions on where the industry is going (you can catch up here

What came out of a few light hearted and sometimes tongue-in-cheek questions was a really positive picture of a region that’s getting its mojo back after some extremely tough years. 

I was so impressed by the esprit de corps in the North East PR field that I decided to do it again…..So standby for The NE comms conversation: Volume 2.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting blogs from people working in the sector so if you would like to take part just get in touch. We’d love to  hear your story.

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