10 comms lessons from 2017

IMNR7857As we collectively polish off the last of the After Eights, think about starting that new fitness regime and contemplate the sheer horror of Dry January, looking back over the past 12 months is often a very timely distraction.

It’s always interesting to take a look back and see the key themes from the year and try to understand  the most popular topics. Looking at the most read posts on this blog during 2017 gives me a sense that many of us are facing the same challenges and seeking the answers to many similar problems.It’s really interesting to see what people read throughout the year but particularly intriguing to see the posts that were written in previous years that people come back to.

#1 A look at comms strategy for NHS communicators (with thanks to Claire Riley @thefourrileys)

#2 Some useful PR leadership lessons & a reflection on personal development

#3 A (desperate) plea for brevity. Why are we still drowning in paper?

#4 Some tips on getting hired and getting ahead in PR from a Newcastle University lecture.

#5 A post about going out on the frontline of an NHS hospital.

#6 Some rules to help with writing.

#7 Top tips from a pannel of #nhs Communications Directors (with thanks to @NHSProviders)

#8 The 10 key comms skills you’ll need to succeed.

#9 Some great learning from the comms2point0 awards masterclass in Leeds.

#10 Understanding high performance

Picture: A snowy Newcastle Quayside just before New Year captured on my iPhone.

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