An alternative comms reading list: 10 books to change your thinking

16104487418_d70c626f6d_zDoes anyone else keep getting that “the average CEO reads 60 books a year” advert popping up on their timeline?

Now I like a good read but the thought of getting through 60 business books in 2019 makes my blood run cold. In between doing the day job, getting the kids to school and finishing the ironing it’s impossible for most normal humans.

But reading helps offer up some of the best ideas and access to unique, new thinking on the subjects that we’re all grappling with every day at work. Continue reading

Change and collaboration

“Competition is really tough, but if anything collaboration is even tougher”

Now there is a quote that made me snap to attention. It felt like the start of a really interesting story and at the same time something that struck to the heart of a universal truth.

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