On demand


If you’re a lover of TV shows like ER, House or even Casualty then the last 10 months of my role would have been right up your street.

Joining the NHS as a complete layman has certainly been an education, especially when working in an area where you’re expected to know a lot about everything that happens.

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A question of Faith

Despite what you might read it’s not all A&E waiting times, drunks and chronic obesity working in NHS communications.

One thing that I’ve found since joining the NHS last summer is that it’s a hugely varied and all encompassing role. I’ve been pretty lucky with the timings because I’ve been the lead on communicating two fairly major and unique new buildings for the NHS. Continue reading

Six things that PR can learn from healthcare


So I’ve worked in the NHS for five months now and I’m a bit further along in understanding how it all fits together.

So far in life I’ve been pretty lucky with health, so this job is my first real encounter with hospitals and medical staff and it’s fascinating to see how they work.

In my usual cross eyed way these are my six lessons that comms and PR people can learn from the medical profession. Continue reading

The NE comms conversation: 15 reasons to work in communications


What started out as a germ of an idea with a couple of my contacts on Twitter has grown into a broad series of posts about the North East PR and communications scene.

What came out of a few light hearted and sometimes tongue-in-cheek questions was a really positive picture of a region that’s getting its mojo back after some extremely tough years.

Austerity and downturn has hit us harder than most other places, but these blogs speak to me about an area full of confidence, humour, defiance, innovation, hard graft, excitement and crucially a desire to roll up sleeves get things done.

I was also so impressed (but not surprised) at the willingness of PR professionals in these parts to share their ideas so readily so that others can learn from them. Make no mistake – I’ve learned loads from looking at these posts and would say they make some essential reading for anyone looking to break into the profession.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who contributed.

One of my least favourite newspapers caused controversy earlier this year with a pretty shabbily informed article comparing the North East to the run down US city of Detroit. It implied a sense of hopelessness and self pity, well if you work in comms take a look at some of these and see if it changes your mind……

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NE Comms conversation #14 “I was growing tired of standing outside burning factories at midnight”


As the transfer deadline day window gets ready to slam shut, I’m delighted to be able to announce our first big money, foreign (to Tyneside anyway) Premier league, star signing to NE comms conversation FC.

Word of our North East comms conversation has spread beyond the region and reached some of the champions league big boys. In true David Craig style I’m delighted to be able to boisterously introduce one of my favourite bloggers Dan Slee from Comms2point0.

For those who don’t know http://www.comms2point0.co.uk is the go to website for thought leadership around communications in the public sector. For me it’s the must-read source of information and learning for the sector I work in.

To stretch the local football metaphore even further he’s even able to boast some local Geordie credentials having spent his uni years in the toon.

Could he be the next messiah? Lets see….. Continue reading

North East comms conversation

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a series of brief interviews with some of the key people in North East PR.

I often get emailed or contacted on twitter by students asking questions about PR in the region, so thought it would be useful to ask some of the leading lights in the NE to do the same.

I’m hoping to run some short and engaging blogs that also bring a bit of levity to what can sometimes feel like a bit of an earnest subject.

If you’re interested in getting involved just get in touch using the comments section or on twitter (@rosswigham)