Communicating change


Somebody once told me that the only people who like change are babies with dirty nappies. Over the past few years, through hard, grim experience of changing babies nappies, I’ve subsequently discovered that even then they’re often not totally cooperative.

So what hope do we have as communicators when to comes to engaging with people around difficult and often controversial change programmes?

To help answer that NHS Confederation hosted an event earlier this week bringing together some excellent speakers to look at the issue of communicating change across the health sector (you can see details here). Continue reading

Strategy – like a punch in the teeth

“Everyone has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth.”       ‘Iron’ Mike TysonWhite_House_Chief_of_Staff_Dick_Cheney_during_a_campaign_strategy_session_-_NARA_-_7027918

Strategy, vision, mission, master-plan, principles, approach – all words that modern organisations bombard us with every day.

On websites, in the media, on corporate material and in meetings, the one thing a business or organisation has to have is a strategy right?

But what exactly does this mean and how can we translate this into a useful process for communications? Continue reading