NE Comms Conversation #21 “It’s about changing people’s perceptions and making a difference”

Poster produced by London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) to promote rail travel to the East coast of England. This poster, entitled 'Sun Bathing', was second in a series of six posters illustrating the various pastimes that could be enjoyed on the east coast. The posters formed a continuous scene when placed next to each other, but each was designed so that it could also stand alone. Artwork by Tom Purvis (1888-1957), who rallied for the profesionalisation of commercial art. In 1930 he was one of the group of artists who founded the Society of Industrial Artists, which campaigned for improved standards of training for commercial artists in order to broaden their scope of employment.

Helen Fox is another ace marcomms professional that I’ve met since starting the in the NHS last year.

She works in the award winning communications team at NHS North of England Commissioning Support and is someone who has really stood out to me since I joined the sector. Here’s here hints and tips on being a successful communicator. Continue reading

Shotgun wedding

20140228-070719 pm.jpg

The other weekend I went Clay pigeon shooting deep in the Northumbrian countryside.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes there was tweed but I promise no red trousers or bow tie.

The process of blasting small targets out of the sky with powerful antique firearms is deeply cathartic and I would recommend it to anyone as way to lift stress after another manic day/week/lifetime.

The satisfying clack of shot breaking clay did get me thinking about how we use our communications channels and engage with people in our day jobs. Continue reading

The business of weddings

It’s funny what you find yourself working on. I never once imagined that as a local government head of comms that I’d be punting weddings and getting excited about soft focus pictures and ivory dresses.

But that’s exactly what we’ve been doing over the last few months.

Why, you may ask? Well as Bill Clinton famously once said ‘it’s the economy stupid’

20120825-083842 AM.jpg

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