NE Comms conversation #22 “Honesty really is the best policy, kids”


This week digital copywriter Mark Grainger takes to the stage to have his say in the NE Comms conversation.

I don’t know Mark personally, but we’ve chatted a bit on Twitter and he always has something interesting to say.

Hopefully he brings a new and different perspective to the blog, and hey, he dismissively uses the term “social warlock” and casually references Ghostbusters so he’s okay by me. Continue reading

NE Comms conversation #17 “No we don’t repair telephones”


This week it’s the MD of DTW, former chair of the CIPRNE and all round good egg Chris Taylor. Chris is always a first call for anything happening across the region. Here’s his take on what’s happening in our region.

How have things changed in the last 5 years?

FAST. The choices, channels and options we have today are incredible and growing exponentially and the skills we need reflect that. One thing stays the same though – the need to be outcome focused in all we do and always ask WHY?  Continue reading

NE comms conversation #3 “…’S’cuse me Mr Cantona”I

968full-eric-cantonaToday we welcome Southerner in exile and long suffering QPR fan Christian Cerisola to the North East comms conversation.

This exotically named, urbane chap is a director of GluePR. He answered these questions in true ‘Arry Redknap style through an open car window while driving from his workplace at speed.

But unlike Harry he provides some absolute, solid gold pearls of wisdom on PR and communications, including one of my favourite quotes ever – it’s the tweeting bollocks one (see below) as if you had to ask…….

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North East comms conversation: #1 “Garlic bread”


In the first of a self-deluded series of so-called ‘state of the nation’ voxpops I’ve been catching up with PR people from across the North East to find out what makes the region’s comms people tick.

All joking aside our region is widely regarded as one of the best when it comes to media and PR and I hope this brief insight gives us a chance to showcase some of the emerging themes in an exciting area of work.

To get us started with a huge bang I spoke to the hard-tweeting, Jaws loving artist formerly-known as Bryn Littleton. The journalist, turned flack has worked for local authorities, One North East and is now at NECC as well as being the current recipient of the CIPR NE Ken Robinson Award.

To miss-quote cartoon secret agent Archer somebody better call Kenny Logins because we’re about to enter the danger zone……

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