What they don’t tell you on father’s day


Just over a year ago I wrote a blog with some tongue in cheek advice on what to expect when you become a parent for the first time.

While I’m no expert (far from it) having two young children at the moment means that all the privations, humiliations and exhaustions are still very fresh in the mind. Continue reading

One small step for…..

20130310-022510 PM.jpg
Daughter number 1 caputures the moment in this artists impression

It started out like any normal day.

By that, I mean up and out of bed at 5am after CIA-inspired levels of sleep deprivation and white noise pumped directly into my brain throughout the night.

All I had to do now was tip-toe through the mountain of scattered toys and get through breakfast without decorating my suit with toast, felt pen, glue, child’s vomit or milky, unwanted cereal.

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I never make predictions………and I never will (looking back at 2012)


“I never make predictions………and I never will” – One of the most famous utterances of footballer Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne which has passed into commentary legend, but actually makes more sense than we all think.

If experience teaches us anything (and it doesn’t) predicting anything is utter folly. To stay with the North East footballing analogy, last season Newcastle United were flying high in the league and ended up qualifying for Europe.

The darlings of TV and regular scorer of inspiring goals (Chelsea away) the owner rewarded the manager with an unprecedented 8 year contract. Last night they conceded seven goals and dropped to within three points of the relegation zone.

Fate and time make a mockery of all predictions so instead I thought I’d look back over the last year – only to find that makes a mockery of expectations too.

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A North East landmark

This post was written for the #weeklyblogclub, a collection of writers and blogs that publish work on a range of different topics each week. Each week there is a suggested topic which I always manage to ignore but for the 50th week I promised to stick to the script and write about “Landmarks”.

What can you say about landmarks? By the time you reach adulthood you don’t really know you’re approaching one until it hits you and then it’s too late.

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I hear you

Thanks for all the votes in the poll I set about what you’d like to read about.

The results are now in and you can see them here.

So much for all my serious, hard thought, insightful writing about work and professional issues. According to this you mostly want more of my jaded, cynical musings on life and parenting.

I’ll try to dream something up so expect a new post each on the top three issues soon: life & children, comms & pr and social media.

I was pretty surprised by the results but when I looked back this  piece about having children is the most popular post on the blog by more than 100 hits.