Six ‘award winning’ tips

There’s a great awards acceptance speech by comedian Jerry Seinfeld where he ruthlessly berates the whole idea of awards ceremonies, before ending by saying how proud he is to have won and can they do it all again next year.

You can see it here.

The comedy aside it strikes a note with people because we’re all nervous about putting our own work out there so publically.

With the awards season now in full swing just what is it that makes so many organisations put themselves in the spotlight and what exactly makes the winning ones so successful? And, more importantly why bother? Continue reading

CIPR Northern conference

Thanks to everyone who came to see me speaking on the social media panel at the Northern conference in Leeds last week.

It was a larger audience than I’m used to but it seemed to go OK and people had lots of comments and questions.

Thanks also to the other speakers Jo Newbould from Asda and Alex Abbotts at Bromford who I really enjoyed listening to, as well as the excellent Helen Standing who chaired. Continue reading