The importance of time offline

Think about how long you spend staring at the screen of a laptop, PC, ipad or smart phone messing around on the internet.

A lot, right?

Social media and the rise of the internet has brought so many benefits to our daily lives but has also led to a complete dependence on computers and devices.

Travel from days long past

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No hiding place

Continuing with the Likely Lads theme from my earlier post one of the most famous episodes is a great example of how much technology has changed our lives in a single generation.

No hiding place was filmed roundabout  the year I was born (1976) and the lads set out to avoid finding out the score of an England game, so they can watch the TV highlights later that night.

Part of the joke is that this should be a relatively easy task to achieve because England are playing in far away Bulgaria and in the 1970s they didn’t have Sky Sports, iPhones or rolling news.

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