How to restart your life and get FU money by David Sawyer: review

In the 2013 Coen brothers film Inside Llewyn Davis the eponymous central character stumbles through a difficult week, wondering where his life is going and why he can’t make a success of his music career despite talent and self-belief.

The struggling folk singer can’t do right for doing wrong and it’s hard to point to any single reason why. There’s a grudging melancholy at the heart of the film with the anti-hero battling the odds but always knowing that he won’t overcome them and never really understanding why.

I was reminded of Llewyn Davis reading the first few chapters of this excellent book aimed at midlife careerists looking to find fulfilment. Continue reading

How blogging helped to tell our local NHS story

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Blogs are pretty simple and have been around for ages, so while ours is nothing shiny or especially new it has helped us talk about everything from dementia and falls, to sign making and nutrition.

Last year we launched a new blog space for sharing stories about the NHS in Gateshead and so far an incredible 28,000 people have taken the time to read them. Continue reading