Reunions, happy endings & the power of stories

In my last blog I talked about the power of simplicity and how many of the communications fundamentals have stayed the same, despite the massive changes of the past two decades.

In the age of social media one of the key principles is still understanding what makes a good story and the best way of telling it. Continue reading

Half way there….

As I celebrated another birthday last week I realised (with horror) that my career was 20 years old.

I got my first job in 1999 and since then have been a journalist, copywriter, freelancer and public sector communicator so it’s probably true to say I’m around half way through (give or take a few years). Continue reading

Thinking digital: curious minds & movie monsters

Ever wondered how many people in the world are left handed, how virtual reality can prevent car sickness or how data helps build the marvel universe?

More than a week later I’m still processing so many things after the Thinking Digital conference, which has become a legendary tech and innovation event in the North East although shamefully this was my first visit. Continue reading

The latest from NHS #CommsLeads

extAs a lifelong Newcastle Utd fan and regular tweeter you’d be right to imagine that I’m well used to disappointment and defeat, so it’s nice to start the latest blog with some good news for the North East – I’ve been elected as the new chair of the NHS Providers #CommsLeads Network.

I’m a very regular attender of these meetings and often blog afterwards so I was genuinely pleased (and surprised) to take up the role and follow the excellent Carrie-Anne Wade who has built such a useful national network. Continue reading