The joy of work

Workers meet on both sides of the Tyne bridge during construction. Picture: Tyne & Wear achieves

Way back before Covid19 and zoom and new normal and local lockdowns I started reading a book recommended to me at the last of our physical, in person, NHS comms networks in London.

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A postcard on covid comms

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed alongside Jude Tipper for the Talking Comms podcast to give an idea of what it’s like working in NHS comms at the moment.

You can hear us in full flow here but if your ear drums can’t take that here are the 5 key points I was trying to get across.

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Thank you to all the Covid communicators

Dear colleagues and friends,

I wish I was writing to you in happier circumstances, but I know that every one of you will be working harder than ever in absolutely exceptional circumstances. 

As national chair of NHS Providers’ communications leads group and also an NHS communicator on the coal face, I just wanted to send my personal thanks for everything you’re doing to support your teams, colleagues and the public in these difficult times. Continue reading

Tips from the top

Last week two of the sectors most senior communicators spoke to the #CommsLeads network about the skills needed to move beyond the profession.

It’s always great to hear tips from people at the very top of the profession so we were incredibly lucky to have two comms pros that have moved into management positions at the heart of their respective organisations. Continue reading

Strategic value, influence and worth


It looks easy until you try to do it, it can get really messy and you’ll always need to get your hands dirty to create something successful.

It turns out that pottery is a lot like public sector communication, as I learned from our resident wheel spinner Lisa Ward who helpfully framed the pottery/PR/Great Pottery Throw Down crossover during our lunch break.

The latest #CommsLeads session focused on strategic value, influence and demonstrating the worth of good communications which all seemed like important points after all the political excitement of recent times. Continue reading