Thank you to all the Covid communicators

Dear colleagues and friends,

I wish I was writing to you in happier circumstances, but I know that every one of you will be working harder than ever in absolutely exceptional circumstances. 

As national chair of NHS Providers’ communications leads group and also an NHS communicator on the coal face, I just wanted to send my personal thanks for everything you’re doing to support your teams, colleagues and the public in these difficult times.

I’ve managed to catch up with many of you across the country in the past few days and I’ve been so proud to hear of all the work you’ve been doing under extraordinary pressure during this pandemic. It goes to prove what we’ve always known about strong communications and public relations being so vital, especially during times of crisis.

I’ve been so inspired and impressed by all the work going on across the whole of the UK and on behalf of the network and your organisations I wanted to say thank you and well done. This is a profound and perhaps existential challenge that we’re all facing together and it’s been heartening to feel so much support and solidarity across the whole of the NHS.

The best way for us to get through the next few months is to take care of ourselves and those around us, both mentally and physically. Please remember that it’s normal to feel frightened and anxious especially when we are being exposed to very difficult and upsetting news on behalf of our organisations.

While our primary thoughts are usually with others because of the role that we do, please also try to take the time to look after yourself in the difficult days and weeks ahead.

Stay safe


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