The business of weddings

It’s funny what you find yourself working on. I never once imagined that as a local government head of comms that I’d be punting weddings and getting excited about soft focus pictures and ivory dresses.

But that’s exactly what we’ve been doing over the last few months.

Why, you may ask? Well as Bill Clinton famously once said ‘it’s the economy stupid’

20120825-083842 AM.jpg

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Social speed now a vital public sector tool

One thing that has surprised me about social media is the sheer speed that it has been adopted by consumers and taken off as a vital corporate tool.

Although I’ve used it for a good few years professionally I was pretty sceptical about how much value it would add for local councils communicating directly with residents.

Thankfully I was interested enough in it as an experiment (for the wrong reasons as it turned out) to push hard for the council to use and invest in social media over a number of years. Continue reading

The top ten

Since I started this blog in April I’ve tried to write about a range of different subjects, so it’s been really interesting to look at the stats and see what people are actually reading.

With that in mind, here’s the top ten posts so far based on page views.

20120811-085649 PM.jpg

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