Presidential visit

Thursday night saw the comms version of Airforce one roll into town (via a five hour train journey) as the new CIPR President Sarah Pinch visited Newcastle to explain her vision for the next 12 months.

Sarah has a really impressive and interesting back story so it was great to see her make such a long journey and take the time to meet the North East group. Continue reading

Not dead, just different: Big media in a social media world.


In a week when Newcastle Brown Ale admitted it was changing the recipe to please some Americans who don’t like the colour, it seems fitting that I was at the site where there famous ‘dog’ was once brewed.

The brewery has now been bulldozed after the familiar corporate merger/ acquisition/ sale process that seems to do for everything these days and a new science city building called ‘the core’ stands on the spot where millions of bottles of booze once rolled off the production line. Continue reading