Pinterest is probably one of the most talked about websites around, gathering huge numbers in the past few months.

It has quickly become a behemoth of the web.

In Northumberland we’ve been experimenting with it for a little while now and have seen some promising early results.

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I hear you

Thanks for all the votes in the poll I set about what you’d like to read about.

The results are now in and you can see them here.

So much for all my serious, hard thought, insightful writing about work and professional issues. According to this you mostly want more of my jaded, cynical musings on life and parenting.

I’ll try to dream something up so expect a new post each on the top three issues soon: life & children, comms & pr and social media.

I was pretty surprised by the results but when I looked back this  piece about having children is the most popular post on the blog by more than 100 hits.

Tourism gets social

A guest post this week from @angela_tait, who works in our tourist information centres, but has really embraced social media to help promote what’s on offer. She writes:

Joining the County Councils Tourism Team back in October 2011 I was charged with managing the Tourist Information Centres and developing visitor information.

Immediately I was impressed by the staff I was going to manage, their immense knowledge of the county and their passion for attracting new faces to Northumberland. It’s not just about providing visitor information though, we also support more than 250 local producers, showcasing the finest locally made products from art, photography, jewellery, food, crafts and much more which made me question from day one – how do we tell people about this?

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