Ten tips for freelancers

20121119-064715 PM.jpg

A guest post this week from Anna-Clare O’Neill who is a freelance PR consultant based in North East England. You can follow Anna on twitter @AnnaClareONeill

As it’s National Freelancers Day this week (21 November 2012), I thought I’d share my freelance story with you…

It’s five years since I first fell into freelancing. That’s right. I didn’t choose to be a freelancer, it just happened. You could say it chose me.

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Land of the rising sun (colliery)

360 view from the top of pit shaft number 1

(Much cooler 360 images can be viewed here & here)

Directly below my muddy shoes, almost 760 feet under the earth 1,400 men once hewed a living from the hot, dark, grimy pit of the land.

Less than 40 years ago the landscape would be scarred with soot, sound, smoke, grime and fire as armies of men and boys earned a living mining coal as their fathers and grand fathers had done before them.

But now it’s silent, calm and green with just me and a bike looking out over the Tyneside skyline.

I’m standing at the top of a former pit head that was once part of one of the world’s largest coal mines.

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CIPR Northern conference

Thanks to everyone who came to see me speaking on the social media panel at the Northern conference in Leeds last week.

It was a larger audience than I’m used to but it seemed to go OK and people had lots of comments and questions.

Thanks also to the other speakers Jo Newbould from Asda and Alex Abbotts at Bromford who I really enjoyed listening to, as well as the excellent Helen Standing who chaired. Continue reading