NE Comms conversation #13 “That’s probably why I went grey at about 30″

I really hope you’ve enjoyed all the blogs so far and I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to a great conversation about our industry in the North East.

Because I would never ask people to do anything I wouldn’t do myself, I’ve had a go at answering some of the questions that I’ve been pestering everyone else with.

I’ve strapped myself down, adopted an aggressive tone, turned on the interrogation lamp (normal weekend stuff really) and tried to add my ten pence worth to the debate.

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NE comms conversation #12 “creating a meaningful dialogue”

Rachel McBryde is the Business Development Director at Gardiner Richardson.

It’s great to get the views of someone so senior at one of the region’s top PR agencies and add more to this conversation about communications in the North East. There are some fantastic tips here for people looking to break into the industry as well as some great commentary on how PR is changing.

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NE comms conversation #10 “Shy bairns get nowt”

Next up it’s the lovely Sharon McKee.

She’s worked in many of the top comms roles across the North East and now runs her own consultancy SEM Communications

You know the format by now…..

How have things changed in the last 5 years?
Digital’s impact has changed so much, not least the power and presence of more traditional media like local newspapers.

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NE Comms conversation #8 “Last had a night’s sleep in 2005″

Stuart Mackintosh spent nine years in journalism, including a spell as Chief Reporter at The Northern Echo, before moving into communications in 2006.

He has had two spells in North-East local government comms – either side of two years as a consultant – and is a former winner of the CIPR North-East Outstanding Young Communicator award.

Stuart is currently Communications Manager at pensions administrator RPMI, in Darlington

I’ve admired his work (and excellent blogging) for a long time and now he has his say on the North East comms scene….

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NE Comms conversation #7 “I wish I hadn’t took that so personally”

When I started asking people to take part in this conversation about PR in the North East, Jill Farmer was someone I really wanted to take part.

Having studied and worked alongside Jill I knew that she’d have a great perspective on what’s what.

She’s analytical and focused on detail in a way that Shames me so I knew she’d offer some good insight on the business.

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