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Unusual view of Tyne bridge and the sage from the Vermont steps
Unusual view of Tyne bridge and the sage from the Vermont steps

The latest CIPR North East event brought together the usual audience of regional PRs with freelance journalist Ian Wylie, who provided a fascinating whistlestop tour of where our local media has come from and more importantly where it is going.

It proved to be a really thought provoking couple of hours on the nature of modern media and what it means for all of us, both professionally and as consumers. As well as being a freelance journalist on some big national titles Ian is also a founder of The Northern Correspondent, a new(ish) print magazine dedicated to long form writing that promises to tell the stories of the North East that are now often forgotten by the mainstream press. Continue reading

NE Comms conversation #24 “A job where being nosey helps”

Next up it’s the amazing Anna-Maria Cooney with her take on comms in the North East.

I first met AM when I interviewed her to join the internship scheme I set up in my former role. It proved to be a great decision and I’ve blogged before that running and meeting a cohort of interns was one of the best things I ever did.

I think I learned more from them then they did from me, so it’s fantastic to see Anna-Maria making such a success of her career a few years later. I should add that she’s one of the only non-native North Easterners to take part in the blog hailing as she does from Ireland.

Here’s what she had to say. Continue reading

NE Comms conversation #22 “Honesty really is the best policy, kids”


This week digital copywriter Mark Grainger takes to the stage to have his say in the NE Comms conversation.

I don’t know Mark personally, but we’ve chatted a bit on Twitter and he always has something interesting to say.

Hopefully he brings a new and different perspective to the blog, and hey, he dismissively uses the term “social warlock” and casually references Ghostbusters so he’s okay by me. Continue reading